About us

The company BIT-ON GmbH was established in 1983 and since that time specialized in developing individual software applications.

We are mainly focused on the development of software support for airlines and aviation companies. We accompany the projects entrusted to us from the specification of concept, the programming operation and the commissioning of complete software application to the point of software quality assurance.

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, in order to achieve quality objectives like continuous customer service, product reliability and a high quality demand to ourselves. Thus we are able not only to refer to long year cooperation with our customers, but also to a growing clientele.

As a result of our long lasting experience within this dynamic market, the competent knowledge of the sequence of operations and our demand, supported by the latest tools to offer solutions, not only software, we are also able to meet the high requirements of the market and to establish ourselves compared to competitors in many projects. We will continue on this long-established path in the interests of our clients consequently.